Videography, photography, and graphic design services are listed below with examples. Video and photography combination packages are also available. For rates, please fill out the form on the contact page with details about your project. Even if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of options to fit your needs.


From shooting your next music video to documenting your time in the studio, I provide a variety of services to musicians, performers, and visual artists looking to promote their work.

  • Music videos

  • Documentation

  • Promotional videos for social media

  • Talking head interviews

  • Audition videos

Music: Electrifying Landscapes by AIRGLOW (used under Creative Commons license).

Already have your project shot, but need an editor, graphics or some strange effects? Check out the niche services below:

Music: Devotion by Synth Kid (used under Creative Commons license).

  • Video editing for music videos, short films, documentaries, and more!

  • Motion graphics

  • Color grading

  • Tape transfer

  • Video circuit bending


Portraits, concerts, theatre, events, lifestyle, conceptual, album art, and studio documentation.