Sophia Gordon-Stevens, though originally a painter, is always searching to broaden her palette; experimenting with an ever growing set of materials and forms to find new ways to tell stories and share ideas. Over the years, her practice has transitioned from a purely organic process to one that intersects analog with digital.

Producing material that pushes the boundaries of obsolete technology, Sophia's work encompasses the world of installation, performance, and video art. Both data and circuit bending as well as the compatibility of old and new technologies play a large part in her exploration within these mediums. Her most recent projects have examined mental health, the concepts and consequences of virtual reality, cyberspace, truth vs. memory, and family mythology.

Sophia graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Film and Television Production. There she developed a passion for experimental story structure and the meticulous nature of the editing process. With an aim to tell simplistic, yet meaningful stories using highly stylized visuals, her work is influenced by public access television, German Expressionism as well as the horror and science fiction genres.

Currently working in Nashville, TN, Sophia's primary focus is on the video making process, installation art, and performance art. She is the founder and curator of the video art project, Miller’s Grove Public Access and the co-founder of performance art duo, RabbitxRabbit.


The Green Gallery (Turnip Green Creative Reuse - Nashville, TN)

  • September + October, 2019 - Miller’s Grove Public Access (contributing artist + curator)

Circuit Bender’s Ball

  • August, 2019 - Night Magic VR

Modular Art Pods (Fort Houston)

  • July, 2019 - CyberGeist: Spirit Collector

The Crappy Magic Experience - Nashville, TN

  • 2019 - Holy Hour (part of the Miller’s Grove Public Access project)

  • 2018 - Happy Street Puppet Pals + Success Unto You! (part of the Miller’s Grove Public Access project)

  • 2017 - Azathoth D-5 and Beelzebus

Defy Film Festival - Nashville, TN

  • 2018 - Night Magic VR + Scrying

GRRL HAUS Cinema - Berlin, Germany

  • 2017 - Night Magic VR