CyberGeist: Spirit Collector (2018)

Original footage and motion graphics circuit bent on VHS tapes (part of a “non-interactive” multimedia installation).

Recent showing: Modular Art Pods (July, 2019)

When the self acknowledges the body as anything more than a disposable vessel, the individual becomes mortal. Just as our shared collective conscious takes up a disembodied space, the essence of self exists beyond the bounds of the physical. With technology bridging the gap between individual intellect and the collective conscious, all of this data becomes infInitely transferable.

However, the separation of the self from the body is not immune to manipulation. If the body cannot be controlled, the value of self becomes vulnerable to commodity. CyberGeist: Spirit Collector takes inspiration from immersive video games and séance rituals to both deconstruct the obsession of body as well as examine the ethical nature of transference of conscious

Night Magic VR (2017)

Original footage circuit bent on VHS tapes (part of a “non-interactive” multimedia installation).

Recent showing: Circuit Bender’s Ball (August, 2019)

Smooth continuous waves beam into your living room reproducing brightness, colors, and sounds. Passing between devices delivering and receiving, these signals stream through wires and air in endless values. In the realm of analog, we exist among infinite shades, hues, tones, and textures. But within the digital realm these possibilities are currently limited. These signals are square and discrete providing only a small fraction of what our analog senses can process.

Though quite different in their range and approach to representing data, these two forms of communication can still be compatible and are still used side by side in many cases. We too, experience a bond with each, not only in the technology we use or the formats we cling to, but in the way we occupy space. In the analog world we are comforted by touch and smell. The ability to hold something in your hand or to own a physical object are reminders that we too are real. But, as technology progresses, digital becomes far more common and the possessions on our shelves slowly become luxuries. Even with limited capabilities, digital has opened up an age of accessibility that could not have existed before. Though we try to distance ourselves from it, we are still searching for ways in which we can exist more fully in this other realm. Through the concepts of virtual reality, circuit bending, and simple point and click games of the past, Night Magic VR seeks to blur the line between where and how our minds, bodies and overall being occupies these spaces.

Scrying (2016)

Original footage circuit bent on VHS tapes.

Recent showing: Defy Film Festival (2018)

***This video contains flashing images***

Scrying journeys through the realms of digital media and analog signal by purposeful generation loss and circuit bending. Exploring the occult and ritual, the piece serves to cleanse, charge, and consecrate a CRT monitor.