• Anyone who has struggled with their mental health at some point in their life or who has a mental illness is eligible to submit. Whether you’ve battled with moments of social anxiety or you’re in a constant tug of war with Bipolar Disorder, your story is valid.

  • To be considered, your show must explore your experiences with your own mental health using the loose format of a public access television show. Your show can fall under any genre or style and your content can be as conceptual or as satirical as you wish, apart from content that is counterproductive to the project’s mission.

  • Examples of show formats and genres include, but are not limited to: talk/chat, cooking, religious, after school specials, crafting, documentaries, soap operas, sitcoms, shopping, game shows, news, animation, children’s programming, sports, and makeovers. Get creative. We encourage you to be bold!

  • Videos must be between 2:30 – 5:00 minutes long.

  • Though preferred, you do not have to act in your show. In fact, as long as it’s your story being told, you can utilize the help of other artists regardless of their mental health status. Just make sure to credit them as a contributor when submitting.

  • All submissions must be turned in as a MP4 or Quicktime file.

  • Shows will be converted to VHS after you turn them in. You are NOT responsible for this step. However, if you want to shoot your show with a VHS camcorder, you are more than welcome to. You can even drop off or mail in your tape, but you will be required to provide a digital audio file along with your submission.

  • All shows will be converted to an aspect ratio of 4:3 after you turn them in. Again, you are not responsible for this, but please keep this in mind while shooting and editing your show.

  • When you are ready to submit, please visit the link below:

For further information, please see the FAQs or visit the Facebook page: